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Crownhealth was founded in 2014 right in the middle of the most picturesque setting that one could ever imagine – the Swiss Alps. Realizing our full and complete passion for nature, innovative health solutions, active lifestyles and sports, we just knew that we had to figure out a way to offer something more.

We want to foster active lifestyles, we want to support those athletes and nature-lovers who want the strength to achieve their goals, and we want people to become one with nature.

We want to keep your stamina up
so you can discover your best nature!

We craft the essential active life-inspired nutritional products, 100% free of additives, organic, plant-based, gut-friendly and backed by science.

Crownhealth is the Swiss-made support that gives you the energy for your everyday challenges, promoting your best nature and respecting the environment.

At Crownhealth, our products bring together science-backed recipes, the finest natural and organic ingredients that the world has to offer and a unique concept of sports nutrition. We believe in the quality of our products, the care that goes into every last product, fostering a sustainable world in which we can continue to live out our dreams, and creating the healthy, safe, and natural essential products that every last person can enjoy.

 Crownhealth is all about exploration, sustainability and healthy living

We are always looking to ensure that you keep moving, keep exploring, and keep digging deeper to find that inner strength within that’ll propel you to new places, new heights and new realities. Our active life-inspired health food solutions carefully tackle every path that you take, so that you can explore further than you ever thought was possible.

We deeply believe that, in the society we live, taking a moment for ourselves, nourishing our body with healthy foods and living an active life are the base for a mental and physical balance.

Devoted to your wellness, Crownhealth was born to support active living in the healthiest and most effective and sustainable way possible 

Crownhealth quality has no compromises. Efficacy, safety, digestibility, great taste and sustainability. All together. You can enjoy Crownhealth knowing not only your body and your health will be grateful of, but also the environment and animals!

Veganism is the milestone of our philosophy. To us, plant-based living means respecting Health, Earth and all Living beings.

This is our best nature, and if you also want to live an active life, fostering a sustainable world, stop by our store and try our products!

We’d love to see just how far you go during your journey and watching you discover how important nutrition is for you and for the world!


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