I Will Tell You The Truth About Running Fast

Every runner can improve the ability of run fast thanks to training and realistic goals.

Plant-based Diet: What are the Benefits for Recovery?

A plant-based diet is an excellent support during the post-workout phase, thanks to the increased antioxidant and pro...

Stress and Inflammation

Discover how stress is a cause of chronic inflammation and learn how a balanced nutrition could keep you away from it.

Cucumber: A Natural Remedy Might Help Mitigating Inflammation

Scientific evidence shows the health benefits of cucumber.

Breathlessness: Embrace it when Running

Prof. Brewer suggests embracing ”breathlessness” when running, relax, and allow your body to control and regulate how...

Be plant-based for one day

Discover how simple is a plant-based diet in one day! 

Plant-Based Diet: 5 Remarkable Health Benefits

Discover the 5 main benefits of a plant-based diet.

Top Pain Relievers: Pomegranate, Acids and Curcuma

Discover the 3 major natural pain relievers you should focus on when starting to feel pain.

Best Anti-Inflammatory Recipes for Breakfast

Discover four delicious breakfast recipes supporting your body anti-inflammatory effects.

Set New Year Targets for Your Running

In January, set your running goals to start the new year motivated.

How to Go Vegan in 5 Simple Steps

Go vegan is simple! Follow our 5 steps to respect the environment and animals.

Stay Fit Over Christmas: 5 Holidays Tips

Discover how to stay fit and healthy during Christmas Holidays.
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