Always Tired and Hungry? 5 Facts Nobody Told You

Tired and hungry at the end of a long busy day?

That's normal! Everyone has experienced this uncomfortable feeling at least once in a lifetime. 

However, tiredness must not overwhelm us; otherwise, the lack of concentration will become our life traveling companion. That's unhealthy! Indeed, it is often the case that our sense of fatigue goes together with confusion, frequent headaches, and continuous hunger.

It is not surprising that nutrition plays a significant role in our sense of tiredness. After all, we are what we eat. 

Nevertheless, blaming food intolerances and consequently eliminating some foods from our diet to solve the problem may have side effects. Indeed, our nutrition should be balanced! Removing essential nutrients, without medical consultation, is unproductive and lead to nutritional deficiencies over time

To help you overcome your tiredness and hunger, we want to show you the top 5 errors you should not make. 

  1. Skip Breakfast 
  2. Eating Sweets 
  3. Under-eating Fruits and Vegetables 
  4. Unbalanced and Heavy Meals 
  5. Drink too Little 


Skip Breakfast

Restore Powder recipe for recovery after workout with oats meal, blueberries, nuts and chocolate

Breakfast is a meal, not a snack! Nay, it is the most important meal of the day, more than lunch and dinner. If you skip breakfast, your energy will drop, and you will experience a continuous need for sugary foods. Namely, skipping breakfast means getting to lunchtime, even hungrier.

As a consequence, you might tend to eat more than necessary, risking to burden your digestion. This condition makes you feel sleepy and glutted in the afternoon. Overeating at dinner is even worse! The risk is sleeping badly at night, which makes you wake up tired the day after. 

Read our January blog "Breakfast: The Best Anti-inflammatory Recipes" to discover yummy breakfast ideas. 


Eating Sweets 

Chocolate cookies

Do you like eating sweets? That's understandable, but pay attention to blood sugar spikes! They often happen while eating sweets and lead to energy crises. Furthermore, after blood sugar spikes, people are more inclined to look for other sugary foods.

This tendency goes under the name of sugar hunger, and we should absolutely avoid it. How? Let's reduce the consumption of sweets drastically, replacing them with foods rich in fiber or good fats (e.g., fresh fruits, dried fruits, legumes, and whole grains). If you follow this advice, it will take you a week to forget about blood sugar spikes. Additionally, you will feel less tired, thus more focused. 


Under-eating Fruits and Vegetables 

fruits and vegetables with orange, carrots, avocado, lime, kiwi and strawberries

Are you looking for an effective way to feel sated throughout the day? Fruits and vegetables are the best solutions since they contain fibers, which may keep you full for longer.

People who eat many fruits and vegetables are less hungry and manage to control their blood sugar levels much better than individuals who rarely eat them. Additionally, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, essential nutrients for our body's cells metabolism. 


Unbalanced and Heavy Meals 

picnic table full with unbalanced and heavy dishes

Don't overload your stomach with unbalanced nutrition! Your digestion will go through a weighting process, leading you to tiredness, sleepiness, and hunger crisis. By contrast, balance every meal with all three macro-nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats); then, as previously affirmed, eat the right amount of fiber. 


Don't Drink Enough Water 

young and fit girl drinking water from Crownhealth multi-functional shaker

Hydration is fundamental, not only while doing sports, but also while sitting in your office in front of your computer. Indeed, hydration keeps your cells' metabolism active since cellular reactions occur in the presence of water, also crucial for the cell membranes' functioning and the communication of nerve impulses.

Have you ever tried to drink a glass of water when feeling not very focused? Drink water to have energy! It's better than eating candies!


Do you see yourself in these mistakes? Well, you may have just found the reasons why you're always tired and hungry! 

Change just a few habits when you feel tired and hungry! Correct the most common mistakes people make, and you will feel much better in record time. 


Author: NutriCoach Francesca Deriu 

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