All races or training sessions, especially the long distance or endurance ones, besides increasing the energy needs depleting the muscular glycogen reserves, increase the oxidative stress of muscles and the whole body and the inflammation level.

For this reason, and to speed up ability of our body to adapt to the training intensity and endurance, it is of paramount importance to recover properly at the end of each session.

The recovery is needed in order to restore the energetic and saline reserves, to help the muscular repair, and to reduce the oxidative and inflammatory damages.

During recovery the essential macronutrients are both carbohydrates and proteins. The minimum quantity of protein needed to stimulate the protein synthesis is around 10 grams. This might be enough if the recovery meal is a snack, while this has to be increased to 25-30 grams if the recovery is one of the principal meals of the day.

The carbohydrate should be made of fast absorbing sugars, like glucose, saccharose or fructose to help the replenishing of muscular glycogen.

Micronutrients, like vitamins and minerals are also essential for a proper recovery, as they are able to fight the oxidative stress and to support the immune system. All these nutrients can be easily found in many common foods, but often we have to overcome the appetite reduction typical of the post workout.

The best solution is always to choose some prepared food that might be taken as a liquid and that blend in a proper ratio carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin and minerals or equivalent compounds with anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. 

With this specific aim 3Restore Powder has been designed and prepared, as a natural blend available as a powder, based on vegan, organic plant powered protein and coconut sugar, free of any additives, preservatives, so much useful in helping a proper muscular recovery and in fighting oxidative and inflammatory stress due to intense training.

3Restore Powder is not and should not be confused with a protein supplement that might provide 20-30 grams of protein and might contain synthetic amino-acids.  

3Restore Powder is first of all totally natural and does not contain any amino acid derived form chemical synthesis, but, more than this, it distinguishes itself for the addition of coconut sugar, a fast absorbing carbohydrate that is needed for proper post workout recovery.

A dose of 25 grams of 3Restore Powder would give you 10 grams of protein and about 10 grams of carbs.

The product has been formulated in a way to give you the correct protein requirement for a recovery snack, together with a bare minimum amount of carbs: these latter can be increased mixing the powder with a sugary liquid like a fruit juice (100% natural) that will give you a pleasant drink full in vitamin and minerals.

The protein amount might be increased simply using more powder, if the recovery is one of the main meals. This specific and highly thought after training formulation is what makes 3Restore Powder a very flexible product with a high possibility of personalization.

Having said this, there are two other peculiar characteristics that really make 3Restore Powder both an innovative and outstanding product, very different from all the other products you can find in the marketplace.  These are the presence of Cordyceps sinensis extract and the availability of Actido, the unique gherkin extract here combined with a special blueberry extract, to boost the anti-oxidative power.

Cordyceps sinensisis  a special mushroom from the Ascomycota division, that is normally found between 3000 and 5000 meters in the Tibet mountains, where it indeed has a very high economic value (higher than gold, per gram!) and makes a great contribution to the local economy. A traditional medicine remedy, back from ages, it is considered as a mushroom able to increase the energy and vital function of the body. Nowadays its properties are being recognised in modern science.

The extract from Cordyceps sinensis contains various components, among which, special polysaccharides, polyphenols, aminoacids, vitamins and mineral and it also contains cordiceptin a compound whose anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity has been documented in literature.

Cordyceps sinensis was first highlighted in the sport scientific community during 1993, after the Chinese athletes smashed the 5000 m world record. The runners became the subject of intense anti-doping checks that was passed with flying colours: this provoked a clear interest in studying their eating habits and their methodical use of Cordyceps sinensismade the mushroom an instantaneous hit. From that performance a number of studies have been made on the effect of this special extract on physical and mental performance in sports. It has been possible to show that the most pronounced effects might be seen in the capacity to use ATP at the muscular level with an increase the energy availability, as well as an improvement in lactic acid clearance, thus preventing the damages of over-training, increasing the protection of muscular damages. 

A clinical test done on 28 athletes at the University of Nottingham has shown definitively that the ergogenic effect of Cordyceps sinensisis linked to the increased usage of oxygen and increased availability of ATO (so increasing energy)   by the muscles and that the same extract can improve the stamina (by provoking the use of fatty acids as a energy source). This makes the extract of Cordyceps sinensis particularly interesting and useful for endurance athletes.

A successive study, done at the University of Pavia, on a group of endurance cyclists, has shown an effect on increased testosterone levels with a reduction in cortisol and a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Specifically, it has been shown that the extract modulates the testosterone/cortisol ratio thus reducing the risks from overtraining. The action is indeed performed within the pathway from cholesterol to DHEA and testosterone.

Other studies have been focused on the effect of the active ingredients within the extract, looking at its effect and ability to modulate the inflammatory cascade. It has been reported that the extract has an effect on the ‚Äúinflammasone‚ÄĚ, the complex responsible for the activation of the inflammatory response, with the proven ability to reduce the capacity of the inflammasone to assembly itself. This is indeed a quite different pathways if compared to common anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals. The great peculiarity is that the extract is active only when a damage is present and there is not alteration of cellular homeostasis.¬†


Considering its peculiar formulation, we can indeed say that 3Restore Powder is a unique and extremely versatile natural product, the use of which could seriously help the endurance athlete to recover better, fight the stress, and prevent over-training damages. 

3Restore Powder can be used for after workouts recovery, adding a good amount of carbohydrates to improve the protein synthesis and the re-synthesis of muscular glycogen,  or can be used to improve the daily diet,  in all our meals, adding the powder to vegetable soups, smoothies, juices.

Being totally plant powered, vegan it is also a great alternative source of protein and micronutrients, for all those that want to reduce or eliminate the animal derived ingredients.








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