Top 3 Anti-inflammatory Recipes for Recovery

Athletes need recovery, and recovery needs essential nutrients.

Key nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins, together with a large variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, help our immune system and lower post-workout inflammation level. To recover, our body requires energy reserves to be restored; thus, we must promote muscular adaptation and contrast stress and inflammation (resulting from intense physical exercise) through an adequate diet.

Since training is hard, post-workout nutrition should be rewarding and well balanced. Namely, it should contain an optimal mix of nutrients to promote muscle recovery.

To support your post-training phase, there are a series of delicious recipes you can prepare. 

Here you are our 3 favorite dishes, which are tasty and above all very effective in promoting an optimal recovery.

  1. Recovery Balls
  2. Recovery Bowl
  3. Quinoa Bowl with Black Kale, Tofu and Green Apple


Recovery Balls

recipe chocolate and coconut balls with recovery and protein snack


  • Dates (250g)
  • Dried apricots (250g)
  • Hazelnuts or Ground Hazelnuts (90 g)
  • Cocoa powder (20 g)
  • Almond or Pistachio or Coconut flour
  • Restore powder (4 tbsp)

Blend the dates with dried apricots and hazelnuts until they are chopped. Add a generous tablespoon of cocoa and one of Restore Powder to the mixture. Then form the compound into balls, and sprinkle them with the grain of almond, pistachio, or coconut flour. After that, let the balls cool in the fridge. After your workout, enjoy this yummy dessert. Delicious recovery is guaranteed!

Why anti-inflammatory? Cocoa is rich in polyphenols. Nuts and seeds (hazelnuts and pistachios) contain unsaturated fatty acids, while dried fruits like dates and dried apricots are rich in natural sugars, vitamins, and minerals.


Energy 340 kcal
 Protein 11 g
Carbohydrates 44 g
Fat 15 g 


Recovery Bowl

sports recovery breakfast in a bowl with natural soy yoghurt, berries, granola and dark chocolate


  • Natural soy yogurt (150g)
  • Dark chocolate
  • Granola (1 tbsp, better if organic or homemade)¬†
  • Berries¬†(blueberries or¬†raspberries)
  • Restore Powder (1 tbsp)

Blend the natural soy yogurt and the Restore Powder (put the mixture in a cup). Serve it with chopped dark chocolate, granola and berries. Easy to prepare and yummy to taste!

Why anti-inflammatory? Cocoa and berries are loaded with polyphenols. Berries also contains antioxidants. Then, remember that Restore Powder has Cordyceps Sinensis, a fungus with scientifically proven anti-inflammatory action.


Energy 300 kcal
 Protein 15 g
Carbohydrates 30 g
Fat 13 g 


Quinoa Bowl with Black Kale, Tofu and Green Apple

healthy food quinoa bowl with tofu, green apple seeds and curcuma

Ingredients (2 people):

  • Quinoa (150g)
  • Steamed kale
  • Tofu (200g)
  • Green apple
  • Seeds
  • Curcuma
  • Sprouts
  • Seed oil (better if cold-pressed)¬†

Firstly, wash and drain quinoa in a sieve. Then, bring the quinoa, and the steamed kale, to the boil in a pot and let it expand for about 10 minutes. Cook the tofu in a pan, until crispy all around. Cut the apple into small cubes. Then, place all the ingredients in two bowls, and garnish with some seeds, curcuma, sprouts and seed oil. Your recovery lunch is ready!

Why anti-inflammatory? This quinoa bowl is a balanced lunch, containing essential nutrients; it is a good source of fibers, too. Furthermore, it is anti-oxidant thanks to the cold-pressed seed oil, curcuma, and seeds.


Energy 470 kcal
 Protein 21 g
Carbohydrates 58 g
Fat 14 g 


Try all the three recipes and tell us what you think! Post your pictures!


Author: NutriCoach Francesca Deriu 

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