The Ultimate Guide to Protein Bars

Everything You Need to Know About Protein Bars

Many of you have asked us to explain the function of protein bars and how they differ from energy bars.

Well, a protein bar is an extremely versatile supplement powered by a balanced nutritional composition, which is perfect to reach several and different goals, unlike energy bars.

Energy VS Protein Bars: What’s the Difference?

Energy bars, mainly composed of carbohydrates, are intended to provide clean and instant energy immediately before or during a physical exercise. A protein bar has a completely different function.

Besides being the ideal solution for post-workout recovery, a protein bar is also the perfect anytime, with a balanced nutritional composition. Thus, enjoy a protein bar when you have no food available.

Protein Bars: Essential Information

A beige sports backpack with a protein bar of Crownhealth almond and cocoa butter.

However, to use this snack properly and get the best out of it, a few important recommendations are worth to be shared below.

Did you know that proteins are essential nutrients? Or better, they are macronutrients that allow you to maintain and/or build the body's muscle mass. In addition to promote recovery after physical activity, they also support a good sense of satiety for a long period of time, so that you can always have the right energy to face whatever happens in your life.

But pay attention, to get the most out of this nutrient, quantity is not the most important factor. Eating a big amount of protein in one shot meal won’t lead to performance improvement. By contrast, to boost body and fitness, protein’s quality is fundamental! So, distribute proteins in smaller doses during the day, and consider having them at breakfast and as a snack too.

How to Have Protein Always with You

So many foods are great protein sources (think about lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, almonds, and spirulina). Finding this macronutrient is so easy, but it’s hard to take always protein with us.  Organic, vegan protein bars are thus the right solution, as they are the perfect protein on-the-go snack, perfectly balanced, which can comfortably fit in your pocket or your backpack.  

Protein Bars Nutrition Facts

Crownhealth protein bar next to almond butter, cocoa beans, a gold spoon and a plant.

Which bars can be defined as protein bars? Consider that a protein bar, to be defined as such, should be powered by a minimum of 10 g of protein per serving. Where can you read the protein content? The nutritional label comes to our rescue! You can find this little piece of information on the bar’s packaging, and the nutritional label shows the protein quantity, or rather it displays the number of proteins contained in 100g of the product.

You will then find different types of bars, with different nutritional compositions, different protein amounts, and different ingredients. All these differences make learning how to read labels essential.

Once you’ll learn to read labels, you will easily able to take an optimal amount of protein, and of course, you will recover better and quicker after your intense workouts. Furthermore, you will keep your hunger under control, avoiding glycaemic drops, with a healthy and balanced snack.

Finally, remember that choosing your protein bars based on the protein content is important, but don't forget to read also the ingredients list. In this manner, you opt only for those all-natural and organic bars, with no added sugars, preservatives, chemicals, and additives. A short and simple list with only premium quality ingredients is the key to maximize digestibility and taste, reaching all your goals.


Author: Francesca Deriu, nutritionist

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