The Rules for Perfect Smart-Working

Proper Nutrition When Spending Long Hours in Front of a Computer 

The day may seem endless when you have to spend long restless hours sitting at your computer. And all the more so if you are used to getting regular daily exercise and fresh air.   

What are the best nutritional choices for sedentary days? How can you stay focused? How to keep motivation high despite the stress of the workload? 

Use Food as a Good Mood Enhancer!

Food has a major influence on moods and concentration. Pay extra attention to nutritional density, freshness, and ingredient combinations as well as colors, smells and flavors! Do not create "nutritional stress" by not eating the right foods. Poorly digestible foods require too much blood for digestion and therefore hinder the other body functions.  (For example, our brains need nutrients and oxygen to concentrate on the upcoming afternoon meeting). So, prioritize live foods than will ensure high energy levels and will help you to stay mentally alert. A vegetable-based diet will help detoxify free radicals produced by stress and overworking.

What is a Healthy Day at Work?

Before going to work, make sure you have a high protein and vitamin rich breakfast.

You may opt for a smoothie (a blender is essential for this) containing all the necessary morning nutrients, such as protein and essential fatty acids. Protein can be obtained from hemp powder, kale, nettle leaves, soymilk or sprouted wheat grass and other sprouted seeds. Add to this ground flaxseed for the omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, a banana or some berries, and a couple of dates if you need a sweet touch. You may also just choose a mix of fruit, green leaves, and ginger if you are not feeling too hungry in the morning.

A second option can be a mixed bowl composed of a variety of seeds: hemp, flax, chia, sunflower, nuts, fresh fruit, and almond or soymilk.

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The Live Lunch Box

If you want to be efficient in the afternoon your choice of lunch will be crucial.

Sprouted seeds are one of the keys to high vitality. A daily consumption of sprouted seeds will guarantee high vitamin, mineral and protein levels. Plenty of raw vegetables (or slightly steamed or sautéed if raw food is problematic for you) plus a source of protein such as tofu, tempeh, quinoa or a combination of legumes and carbohydrates or legumes and nuts will provide you with a perfectly digestible and high-energy meal. Remember omega 3 rich oils such as flaxseed, hemp, canola as well as algae, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, that will boost the vitamin and mineral levels on your plate. 

Take Breaks 

Getting up from your computer and having a mid -morning cup of green tea (or another of your favorite beverages such as an herbal tea or homemade juice you have brought with you), will help you focus better and cope with even the most intense mornings. If you feel hungry, go for a nice piece of fruit, a mix of raw vegetables (carrots, radish, fennel, cucumber, tomato) or some dried fruit with some nuts

Taking an afternoon snack is essential as it will have a direct effect on the production of serotonin and melatonin and thus ensure serenity and proper sleep. If you feel like something sweet at this time of day, go for it! A pistachio-cocoa nib bar at this time of the day is just perfect!  

Avoid Eating During a Meeting

We know that just looking at an appetizing or mouth-watering dish is enough to start the digestive enzyme production. So have your lunch in a quiet space. Take your time. Chew your food slowly.

Getting Home

Thanks to your afternoon snack you will get home calm and relaxed. Dinner can be an opportunity to cook something a little more exotic. Use plenty of herbs and spices that will add an extra touch of natural medicine to your meal: curcuma, turmeric? Ginger, cumin, and coriander all have great health benefits. A little every day will make a big difference in the end!

Make food your ally and use each day in front of your computer to build the foundations of good health.


Author: Marie-Noëlle Bourgeois, nutritionist

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