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Premium Vegan Sports Nutrition: The Secrets

Crownhealth is the premium vegan sports nutrition with cucumber extract

Ok. And so? What does this mean?

Cucumber, really?

Let me try to share with you, if you so allow me, some more information about our brands and our philosophy, or our ethics if you prefer.

Premium Vegan Sport Nutrition

Let us start from here!

We manufacture only plant-powered products. It seems easy, but only when you have done it. We are a vegan certified company: nothing, and I seriously mean nothing, that has to do with the animal kingdom has been or will be used in our products, or in the raw materials used to make our products. 100% plant-based.

Sustainable Long-Term Living

A green tree in the middle of a green meadow with a blue and pink sky

Plant-based nutrition is recognized to be the only way we can be sustainable in the long term: switching to plant-based food means dramatically less water and soil consumption, less carbon dioxide production, less green-house gas emission. There is simply no other way forward.

All-Natural and Organic Solutions 

But we combine this with another strong decision: being all-natural.

Too easy to be plant-powered and then use tens of additives (some of them made from oil, yes petroleum) to make your product palatable, tasty. Not our way. We are additives free. All-natural. 100% organic.

What is Premium for Us?

This is, for us, the meaning of the word premium: it means carefully crafted, studied for a long, time, no shortcuts to reach the target. Tasty and good to eat because it is made with the best ingredients you can find. Premium means being different, following an idea for better nutrition, and executing it to the best of our abilities.

Crownhealth is Minimalist

A boy with tufty hair, a blue vest, an orange shirt and blue shorts, is sitting on a bench in the mountains and is taking a Crownhealth protein bar.

And we combine this with our choice to keep our range to a minimum: what you really need. Crownhealth is what you need on top of your regular healthy meals. We do not substitute your diet; we simply try to help you when you need it.

Your Best Nature 

Our vegan all-natural bars give you energy for your daily activities or your endurance training; they give you the proteins you need to get the most out of your exercises or to supplement your diet with a great snack. Our Restore Powder is the ultimate recovery solution after your daily workouts that also converts (look at the delicious recipes on our website!) almost to an on-the-go meal.

Your Vegan Support

Being vegan for a day, a month, or your entire life is much easier with Crownhealth: our website is full of tips and suggestions, recipes, and technical information we share freely to help you in your choice of being plant-based and contribute to the sustainability of our only planet.

Backed by Science

Last but not least, our botanical extracts. We invested serious money in funding University research in the benefit of extracts from common plants in supplementing our daily lives. Common plants, like tomato or cucumber: common plants are safe and used for a long time. This does not make them less valuable or less precious. Discovering unknown properties in something that has been eaten from centuries is what interests us. And by funding serious research we have indeed been able to do so.

You will benefit from all these exclusively in our products, as an additional benefit when you choose Crownhealth for your nutrition, to the extreme endurance to the daily life we all, also, have to endure.


Author: Bruno Boggiani, Crownhealth co-founder
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