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The Best Recovery Solution: A Guide to Choosing

Long-distance and intense training sessions increase individuals' energy needs (as they deplete the muscular glycogen reserves) as well as muscles' oxidative stress leading to the inflammation process. 

Thus, we need to make our body able to adapt quickly to the training intensity and endurance, and recovery is a must for post-workout to boost this body's skill.          

How does recovery work? 

Recovery restores our energy and saline reserves, supporting muscular repair, and reducing the oxidative and inflammatory damages.

The Good Ratio: Carbs and Protein 

Recovery involves two essential macronutrients: carbohydrates and proteins. 

10 g of protein is indeed the minimum amount needed to stimulate protein synthesis. This quantity is enough when thinking about snacks, while the protein amount needs to be roundly 25-30 grams if lunch or dinner is your way to recover. 

Recovery not including carbohydrates is not effective: it's really important to have fast-absorbing sugars (e.g., glucose, saccharose, or fructose) to replenish your muscular glycogen

Proper recovery is also powered by vitamins and minerals, micronutrients that fight oxidative stress and support the immune system.  

Where can I found all these nutrients? 

All these nutrients are easily found in many foods (e.g. fruits and vegetables). However, very often, we are not hungry after a workout session. Hence, recovery shakes are the best solution after training and should be powered by a good ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals (the only mix having anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties).  

A girl pours Crownhealth's Restore Powder, post-workout recovery solution, into a shaker

Restore Powder has been specifically designed to best support your recovery sustainably and healthily. It is an organic, plant-based recovery mix that melts in water or any other beverages (e.g., vegetable milk and fresh fruit juices) easily. Free of additives, added sugars, preservatives, or artificial aromas, this recovery solution helps fight oxidative and inflammatory stress that derive from intense training. 

Restore Powder is not a protein powder, it is a complete recovery mix! Packed with all you really need for your recovery, it is a source of antioxidants, essential amino acidsiron, and group B vitamins. It also powered by Actido, recovery boosting cucumber extract, and antioxidant-rich Spirulina and Cordyceps Sinesis

Restore Powder is a versatile product: you can shake it into the water, but you can also use it to power the recovery effects of your favorite recipes (always knowing you're doing good for your health with premium-quality organic ingredients). So, it can be used after workouts to enhance the protein synthesis and the re-synthesis of muscular glycogen, but it can also be employed to improve your daily diet healthily.  

Last but not least, Restore Powder's packaging is compostable and plastic-free to enable future generations to live in a greener tomorrow. 

Swiss-made, organic, vegan, premium-quality ingredients, and sustainability.

This is the secret recipe for optimal recovery. 

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