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The Future of Competitive Running After Lockdown

Discover why competitive running might delay remerging.

The Challenge of Elite Sport After Lockdown

What are the challenges faced by elite sport after Covid-19?

The Runner's Diet: 7 Easy Changes You Should Make

Boost your runner diet with these 7 simple changes.

Stay Fit and Motivated for Autumnal Marathon

Has your Spring Marathon been cancelled? Find out how to stay fit and motivated for autumn.

Running Alone? Keep Normality With A Safe Space

Want a safe space to keep the normality during this challenging period? Discover the power of running alone.

I Will Tell You The Truth About Running Fast

Every runner can improve the ability of run fast thanks to training and realistic goals.

Breathlessness: Embrace it when Running

Prof. Brewer suggests embracing ”breathlessness” when running, relax, and allow your body to control and regulate how...

Set New Year Targets for Your Running

In January, set your running goals to start the new year motivated.

Dog Running: A Lovely Way to Stay Active

Dog running is fun and healthy for both the dog and the owner.

Why Winter Running? A Boost for your Health

Winter running brighten up the darkest and coldest days of winters, boosting physical and mental health. This is why ...

Run Hot or Run Cold? What Science Reveals

Sports science revealed that the cooler winter conditions are more preferable to better performances, producing impro...

How to Run a Sub 2 Hour Marathon

"In my view, and having studied the science behind the performance that will be required, I am certain that one day i...
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