Hydration: Facts and Myths 101

What new could you possibly learn about drinking water?

Teas for Inflammation: A Powerful Natural Remedy

How about replacing a cup of coffee with a cup of green tea?

Carrot Hazelnut Energy Balls | High Protein, GF, Vegan, No added Sugar, no Baking

The most delicious carrot hazelnut snack you've ever ate!

Plant Based Protein VS Animal: What’s The Difference?

The "plant vs animal proteins" dispute is fierce, and full of misconceptions. Let's cross all the t’s and dot the i’s...

Carbs in the Evening: Do They Make You Fat?

How badly eating carbohydrates in the evening can affect your body weight? We have the answer.

Super Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes | High Protein, GF, Vegan

A fantastic pumkin pancakes recipe perfect for gloomy Autumn mornings to treat yourself and your loved ones.

How to Get More Protein Into your Vegan Diet

Worried about your protein intake on a vegan diet? Here are a few quick tips to help you balance your nutrition.

When to Eat a Protein Bar to Make the Most Out of It

A protein bar is always a good idea. But eating it at the right time is even better.

5 Quick Tips on Immune Boosting Diet

Your immune system is your natural shield against bacteria and viruses. Learn how to keep it strong!

CrĂŞpes with Fruit and Maple Syrup | GF, Vegan, No added Sugar

Tastier than ever! Today, we'll learn how to prepare super delicious almond flour crêpes.

How to Get My Vegan Omega 3?

Fatty acids are essnetial for your well-being. But how should you, as a vegan, get its daily dosage right?

5 Reasons Why Skipping Breakfast is Bad

While it’s not easy to find time for a hearty breakfast, it’s dangerous to skip it completely. Learn why you should n...
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