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A new study has been published with truly impressive results: the benefits of supplements last for years,  much longer than previously thought possible. Supplementing your daily balanced diet with proven supplements really makes long lasting differences.

A Sweden University studied and followed 443 healthy people in a complex, placebo controlled clinical trial. Half of them consumed a placebo, and the other half some nutritional supplements.

The positive effects, in this specific case linked to the cardiovascular system, remained far longerthan originally thought possible, in some cases for years after the intake of the supplement.

But what this study showed was that the intake of a clinically proven supplement generated benefits that were getting larger as the time passed. Indeed the group taking the supplement went into a different life pathif compared to the placebo group. The beneficial effects proved to be both resilient and increasing in magnitude with the years.  

It seems this study is quite relevant in silencing the normal critics to supplement intake, i.e. that a balanced diet is indeed enough and supplements are not required. Indeed we have now powerful and safe, clinically tested, botanical extract based supplements that show prolonged benefits to our body. 

The common mantra of not spending money on proven supplements (they come a little more expensive as they are the result of years of study and costly research) is also proven wrong as the effect of the supplement last much longer than the actual period of supplementation!

It is very important to choose the right supplement for you activity and your needs. It is also important that the supplement you choose comes from safe sources and is backed by real science. Once these factors are considered than you will surely find much benefits in adding a supplement to your already balanced diet

Actido, a fully clinically tested botanical extract, is the active ingredient of the Crownhealth Program,  is obtained by the very safe and healthy gherkin/cucumber fruits, and is our powerful answer to your needs.

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