Stay Fit Over Christmas: 5 Holidays Tips

How do you stay fit and perform better during your Christmas holidays?

Christmas is lovely, but during this period people tend to eat much more than usual, increasing the risk of gaining weight.

This year, if you want to receive a nice Christmas present, take advantage of the holiday time to take care of yourself, and make the most of your vacations to keep fit and start 2020 in beautiful shape.

5 Christmas tips are the only thing you need!

  1. Enjoy your holidays
  2. Taste your favorite dishes, but avoid overeating 
  3. Never skip meals, and always have breakfast
  4. Enter a few detox days 
  5. Increase your level of physical activities

Read these 5 recommendations, and you will find that staying fit at Christmas is easier than you think.

1. Enjoy your Holidays

During the Christmas period, enjoying the holidays without restrictions and living in serenity the moments together with friends and family is of course fundamental. However, try to taste and take advantage of all your favorite Christmas traditional dishes only during the most important celebrations, like Christmas Eve, St. Stephan and New Year’s Eve, following an healthier and balanced diet every other day. 

2. Taste your Favorite Dishes without Overeating

To enjoy your favorite meal, try to taste a little of everything, chewing slowly and avoiding extra portions. Don't miss cooked or raw vegetables on your Christmas table. Remember, vegetables are rich in fiber and antioxidants, essential to counteract the oxidative damage of a very abundant meal. Celebrate these days with your family, but limit alcohol consumption, avoid soft drinks, and don't forget to stay hydrated drinking water!

3. Never Skip Meals and always Have Breakfast

Avoiding to have meals, above all breakfast, is the biggest mistake you could make. If on Christmas Eve, you had a rich dinner, and on the 25th you are expecting a Christmas lunch, don't think about stay light by skipping breakfast. You will risk getting to lunch, even hungrier. Instead of it, have a light breakfast, low in sugar and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. As an example, have a slice of wholemeal bread topped with a 100% natural nut butter (almond, cashews, hazel, peanut or sesame), drink a fruit and vegetable smoothie along with a cup of green tea with no added sugars.

4. Enter a few Detox Days

If you feel heavy because of Christmas lunches and dinners, try to detox your body on days off. Eliminate all sweets, refined flours, and animal fats while doing vegetables and legumes-loading, which are both satiating and low in calories. Also, don't forget to drink a lot of water!

5. Increase your Level of Physical Activity

Increasing your energy expenditure, thanks to additional physical activity, will partially compensate for your higher calorie intake and limit your weight gaining. Take advantage of the extra free time you have during holidays to move more and more frequently. The beginning of a new year is always the right time to improve the quality of our life. Eat better and stay active!


Following these five bits of advice is simple, and a healthy lifestyle is the best gift you could ever receive.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Author: Nutri-Coach Francesca Deriu


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