COVID-19: Rethink the Way We Live

My name is Simona and you might know me as the co-founder of Crownhealth. I’m a fan of simple and sustainable living.

I wrote this article as I truly believe this is the time, we all should stop and re-define how normal life should be; so, I simply wanted to share my thoughts with you, hoping to spread some good energy for our future.

Before this pandemic, one of the main discussed topics was sustainability.

During this pandemic, so many incredible news about the positive effects of the lockdown on reduced pollution have been published.

An ocean with blue water and a deserted beach.

After this pandemic, what will happen?

Are we going back to “normal”? Can we call “normal” the way we were living before?
I’m sure you agree with me that what came before the crisis, may not have been normal at all.

Right before the lockdown, I watched an interesting documentary about Minimalism that opened my eyes even wider and that everybody should watch (as well as , if I may suggest, “The Game Changers”, “Cowspiracy” and “A Plastic Ocean”).

This talks about the importance of redefining the important things in life.

In my opinion, in our society, we need to be more conscious of the precious “things” we own and how our choices can have impact on sustainability. We need to understand how lucky we are, having the possibility to make a choice, and be grateful for that.

I call it the “rush society”. We always run fast, constantly, from one imaginary finish line to the other, pushing all the time, often losing the importance of being present. 

I think we simply can have too much, but we still have to learn, and recognize, deep within us, what’s the real value of “things”.

We can travel the entire world at low fares, we can shop ANYTHING 24/7 on the internet, we can have access to cheaper and cheaper prices. My question always is: who’s paying for all that? Is this economy structure, right? Is this the way we should keep living?

Do we really want to go back to what was (perhaps) considered “normal”, before this pandemic?

My answer for these questions is obviously NO! We need to change, and we need to change now. 


A mountain panorama with brown leaf trees, clouds and the blue sky.

To do so, in my opinion, we need to reconnect with nature first, starting from fully respecting the environment and other livings.

This pandemic taught me, even more, that LESS is MORE, and that there’s nothing more important than living only with the things we truly appreciate and need, in the full respect of the planet that hosts us. The beauty of putting priority on things that are important to us. Cooking home-made recipes, taking care of our body, health and mind. Practicing kindness to ourselves and to others, taking care of our family and friends. Meditation and cultivating inner strength. Hearing the sound of silence, of nature, that surrounds us and fill us up.

The documentary about minimalism I’ve mentioned before, made me realized that this “movement” and its philosophy is exactly what we do at Crownhealth, from the beginning.

The minimalist sports nutrition: only few products, designed for specific needs, using only few key ingredients.

For health, sustainability, and the joy for simple things of life.

And you? We are curious to discover what this pandemic taught you.


Author: Simona Ino, Crownhealth co-founder

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  • My father came from Italy. Simple foods, grown on the farm were just part of the every day. So, when it came to our life here, we ate in season only, with a huge seasonal vegetable garden (he pulled up the lawn in the backyard), and fruits and vegetables.
    Simple, fresh, local whenever possible.
    It’s how we still strive to eat.

    Suzanne Campanile
  • What has this time of pandemic and lockdown taught me? You mention several things that also resonate with me. Also, the power of, and need for, both nature and human connection is immense. Namaste


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