Restore Powder: Skyrocket your Wellbeing

Post-workout recovery is essential to restore muscle energy reserves. During physical activity, indeed, we exhaust our glycogen reserves and have to reintroduce them through our diet to be ready for the next workout. 

Recovery is fundamental for muscle restructuring too. During training, muscles are under stress and suffer micro-trauma, which requires new proteins and amino acids to initiate a repair process and help them adapt to training. That's why, in addition to carbohydrates, we also need protein.

In an interview, expert nutritionist Francesca Deriu declared that our Restore Powder is different from all other recovery mixes. Let's find out why! 

Restore Powder Interview with the Expert 

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Why is Restore Powder different from other recovery mixes? 

Restore Powder is a mix specifically designed for recovery. As you can read in the nutrition label and the list of ingredients, it is not a simple protein powder but, unlike other products, it is powered by a mix of protein and carbohydrates. So far, nothing changes compared to other recovery mixes.

The difference lies, once again, in the quality and choice of ingredients. Restore Powder has only premium quality vegetable proteins, including pea, rice, mushroom (Cordyceps Synesis), and spirulina. This mix is loaded with a mixture of all essential amino acids with an optimal proportion of BCAAs (branched amino acids). It is easy to find a good mix of organic vegan proteins without artificial components, but they often do not contain all the essential amino acids and a good proportion of BCAAs.

In addition to proteins, Restore Powder contains mushroom extract (Cordyceps Synesis) with special, scientifically proven properties for athletes: a high anti-inflammatory power and a powerful action in the prevention of overtraining syndrome. Together with cucumber extract ActidoTM, with well-known soothing properties, this powder accelerates recovery and helps prevent injuries to the skeletal muscle system in endurance athletes. 

A further difference is that most recovery mixes contain artificial sweeteners (such as glucose syrup) and synthetic amino acids, which most often are only branched, but do not contain all the essentials aminos, which are fundamental for the synthesis of new proteins. 

Let's not forget that all the ingredients are organic (the company has strict control over the whole chain) and are also free of additives and preservatives.

So how does Restore Powder work? 

It lowers post-workout inflammation, helps prevent overload injuries, repairs muscles with high-quality plant proteinsand restores muscle energy reserves. All thanks to premium quality, all-natural organic ingredients and a good proportion of essential amino acids. But don't forget that Restore Powder is super versatile!

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Do you mean that even non-sportspeople can have Restore Powder? 

Yes, sure! Since this recovery mix has all the natural sugars and essential amino acids, basically, you can use it in any recipe to give an extra boost to your diet. Your well-being will be skyrocketed. Personally, I think it lends itself very well in recipes such as smoothies, pancakes, porridge, juices, briefly, everything related to breakfast. It is a very valid product because it is very versatile. 

What are the benefits I get with Restore Powder? 

The benefits are many! I can use Restore Powder every day to achieve general well-being and prevent overtraining stress. In addition, as I said before, it keeps inflammation under control, and recovery will be immediate, quickly restoring muscle energy reserves and also promoting adaptation to training. 


If you liked this interview and you have a question for the nutritionist, leave a comment. Dr. Deriu is looking forward to helping you boosting your diet and wellness, also through her personalized nutritional plan



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