Try plant-based for one day

Yes, this is true: a vegan diet is simple to follow!

Following a plant-based diet is too often perceived as something complicated and monotonous. However, vegan nutrition is way more easier than it sounds.

When eating plant-based, it is important to follow your tastes, use your fantasy, plan every meal, and never missing the vital nutrients!

To encourage your cruelty-free journey, today we I share with you a one-day vegan menu. In this way, you will have the chance to experience firsthand that being vegan is not difficult!

Remember! As I mentioned earlier, meals should be balanced and must contain all macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats). They should also include fiber to slow down the absorption of sugars and maintain the right level of satiety.


Nuts and Fruits Protein Porridge Soy Yogurt with Wholemeal Toast

This notion applies to every meal, including breakfast. Here are two delicious examples:

  • Nuts and Fruits Protein Porridge
  • Soy Yogurt with Wholemeal Toast

Nuts and Fruits Protein Oatmeal

A porridge containing nuts and fruits is an energetic breakfast, which is not only perfect for people training hard, but also for those who have no time for a healthy snack in the morning, between breakfast and lunch. Preparing the oats is easy! Add some oat flakes (or other cereals) to your vegetable milk, together with fresh fruit and nuts. To boost the protein content and to make it more satiating, add a plant-based protein powder, simply pouring it into the mixture.

Soy Yogurt with Wholegrain Toast

If you still find that preparing the oatmeal may be too complicated, here you are a simpler - and less sweet- breakfast recipe: soy yogurt together with a wholemeal toast to be eaten with extra virgin olive oil or avocado. I truely love it!


Venus rice combined with steamed edamame, zucchini, and sesame.

And what about lunch? Have you ever thought about a single dish made of cereals, legumes, and vegetables?

Venus rice is my favorite one! Above all, we enjoy eating the Venus rice combined with steamed edamame, zucchini, and sesame.

Nevertheless, indulge your imagination! In the groceries, you can find a large variety of cereals, legumes, and vegetables. Better if bio-organic and local!

Therefore, you can make so many combinations! Do you see it? Vegan is not dull!


Vegetables and legumes soup, natural tofu, tempeh, seitan, cooked or raw vegetables

Finally, what about dinner?

Due to our busy lives, we are always in a hurry! We often go back home late in the evening, and tiredness leads us buying ready-to-eat dishes. This unhealthy choice is the worse solution you can opt for!

Vegetables and legumes soup, natural tofu, tempeh, seitan, cooked or raw vegetables can't miss out on our balanced diet.

Have you taken a look at our previous December blog “5 Delicious Recipes for your Body Fitness"?  You'll discover eating healthy and balanced does not mean calorie or taste deprivation or restriction. As an example, try preparing tofu and snow peas salad with soy sprouts; you won't regret it!


Vegan is easy, healthy and tasty too!
Author: Francesca Deriu - NutriCoach 
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