Plant-based Diet: What are the Benefits for Recovery?

Post-workout recovery is very important; indeed, this fundamental part of the training allows you to restore energy reserves, muscles, and creates optimal conditions for the next physical activity.

Frequent and long-lasting workouts are the base of endurance sports. Consequently, after intense and strenous physical activity, recovery is vital as it countenances the reduction of the oxidative stress induced by training, also preventing inflammation and injuries.

Several phases characterize training. Did you know that at the end of an intense physical exercise, our immune defenses are lower? In addition to that, during this stage, our body sees an increase of some molecules involved in promoting the inflammatory process whereby we are more exposed to oxidative stress and microbial infections.

A Plant-based Diet for Better Recovery

plant-based healthy recipe with avocado on break and cherry tomatoes

A plant-based diet may be your number one support in this phase, providing more antioxidants every day, a common element of plants’ world.

Among these antioxidants, you can find vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols, which color fruits and vegetables. Moreover, fruits and vegetables contain molecules exerting an intense protective action against oxidative stress and boosting the immune system. The same molecules also exert a strong anti-inflammatory effect, helping to prevent damage to the osteo-articular system and aiding post-injury recovery.

Vegetable Protein Intake

A protein intake is mandatory for the post workout recovery. We can find proteins widely in vegetables such as cereals, legumes, or oily seeds. BUT REMEMBER: Eating sugars is fundamental too; we can get it from fresh or dried fruit, fresh squeezed juices or smoothies.

Protein Cocoa Mousse

Craving for a quick DELICIOUS post-workout snack recipe? Here is our OUT-OF -THIS-WORLD protein cocoa mousse, a yummy snack packed with all essential nutrients.

The recipe is so simple! Blend a banana with 200g of natural soy yogurt and one/two teaspoons of cocoa (non sweetened!) powder. Increase the protein content of your smoothie adding a  plant based protein powder, garnishing the snack with some pistachios or cocoa nibs.


We can't wait for the next workout to replicate this recipe!
TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Always enjoy your recovery !


Author: NutriCoach Francesca Deriu


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