My Journey to ÖTILLÖ: From Yoga to Swimrun

The spirit of swimrun is based on teamwork, motivation and passion: Crownhealth Girls Team is getting ready!


Falling in love with Ötillö was immediate for me. It took just one day, living the magic of this event as a viewer from the sides, admiring the uncontaminated nature, the energy of the event, the people and the sense of adventure. And, also, the passion of the organizers and the special bond between the racers who participate in pairs. Yes, in team of 2, isn’t this fantastic?

During the Engadin Ötillö Race 2018, amazed and thrilled, I decided that I would be a part of it all,  the following year. To challenge myself and overcome my limits, that, in this specific case, are: facing the fatigue of a race that is certainly exciting and fun but still though and challenging (even the sprint!), swimming in a lake with shoes, wetsuit and the only use of the arms, and run with wet shoes and the suit up to the finish line - regardless of the result - and say: hell, WE did it!

So last summer I came home from the magnificent Engadin and suggested to Francesca, our expert NutriCoach, to participate with me. Enthusiastically, she immediately told me: let's do it! 

I deeply love nature. I was really lucky growing up in an place surrounded by woods, lake and little rivers where I used to play with my family and my beloved dogs.

I have always practiced sports from running to swimming, from fitboxe to pilates, without really being too much mad at it, until, a year and a half ago, I started practicing yoga which immediately became more than a physical activity: a daily necessity.

With yoga I learned how important it is to spend time on oneself leaving worries out of the mat, listening and understanding your body, which is a marvelous machine, rejoicing for your own progress, even if tiny, and being patient because it gradually gets better, with commitment and dedication.

I have also discovered the power of the breath that relaxes the mind and oxygenates muscles and organs, the fatigue that you use and the strength you develop (yes, it was hard to believe for mee too!) and the awareness of yourself. 

And suddenly you realize that it was all part of you, all inside you, you only had to discover and let it free.

So I finally experienced on my skin how much a physical activity can become a fundamental part of your life and can improve you, day by day.

In addition to yoga, trail running came, and with it the sense of freedom and energy that it gives you.

And it's just great to share the trainings with special friends (especially Nadia and Francesca) and my runner dog, Fiona (she loves to swim as well!).

Now that the registration has been made, I can only re-learn to swim, from scratch, with shoes, paddle, buoy and a wet suit and train on the long distances. There is indeed a lot of work to do and I'm so excited.


Will I make it? 

Follow me and Francesca, and our Crownhealth Girls Team!

See you soon on the next article!



Written by Simona Ino

Passionate Yogi - Crownhealth Co-Founder - Vegan -  Swimrunner to be





PC: Pierre Mangez
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