Cucumber: A Natural Remedy Might Help Mitigating Inflammation

Did you know that intensive and frequent physical activities expose athletes to high oxidative stress? This situation occurs when there is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body, leading to an increased risk of contracting skeletal muscle inflammation.

In the case of overloads and osteoarticular pain, anti-inflammatory drugs are undoubtedly effective, but they can cause even dangerous side effects if used often and for prolonged periods.

Adequate recovery and a balanced diet can prevent these body diseases. Indeed, correct nutrition not only provides people with all the necessary nutrients and energy required to support exercise but also protects the immune system.

However, don't be afraid! Nature gives you additional remedies, which do not have any side effects. These natural extracts might help control inflammation states and facilitate the recovery process from an injury.


Amidst these remedies, the cucumber extract is one of the most recent discoveries, which is increasingly used among athletes, thanks to its beneficial health properties.

Indeed, cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) is a popular member of the Cucurbitaceae family commonly cultivated for its edible fruits. Since ancient times, medicine has been employing different parts of the cucumber plant; among these, people have been using its fruits traditionally to alleviate problems such as sunburn's irritation and inflammation


cucumber fruit cut in pieces and supplements pills with cucumber extract


Cucumber Benefits' Scientific Basis 

Several studies show that cucumber contains several different bioactives, that might play a role in the anti-inflammation process. Recent scientific evidence suggests that a Cucumis sativus extract presents antioxidant capacity together with improved cellular recovery efficacy.

Cucumber and Inflammation 

Endurance as well as any high-intensity training might provoke a cascade of various molecules linked to the inflammation process of our body and resulting in an increase inflammatory condition. The immune system is deeply linked to the inflammation states and so the risk of contracting infections and skeletal muscle injuries may increase.

Cucumber extract could represent a daily, natural, and preventive solution to avoid overloads and imbalances. Furthermore, latest scientific studies show it can be an excellent remedy for the recovery phase from strong training sessions. And all without any side effects!


You have to try it to feel the effects and be convinced of its efficacy!


cucumber fruit cut in pieces on wooden plate with knives


Author: NutriCoach Francesca Deriu 




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