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Earth Overshoot Daymarks the date when we, the humanity, have used more nature than what our planet Earth can renew in an entire year. For 2018, this date is set at August 1stWe are using 1.7 Earths


How we, in our everyday life, meet our basic needs for food and nutrition is one of the most powerful tools we have to contribute to a more sustainable future. Our Ecological Footprint is so much determined by our choices that the food supply chain and demand contributes as much as 26 % of the Global Footprint. A plant based diet is the easiest and most effective solution to a more sustainable planet 

14 times more land is needed to obtain one ton of beef if compared to one ton of grain. Almost 26 times more land is needed to obtain one ton of pork, when compared to one ton of grain. These numbers are so huge. Reducing meat consumption is probably the greatest choice to reduce our Ecological Footprint. And when you consider that the livestock needed to obtain all this meat is also responsible for almost 10% of the carbon emissions due to our presence on the planet, it comes so quickly to our mind how we urgently need to contribute positively to the planet sustainability. 

It's absolutely untrue that plant based diet means deprivation or, worst, nutritious deficency. The vegan alternatives are both healthy, nutritious and tasty. What are you waiting for to switch at least a part of your diet to a sustainable future? And you do not need to become, from day one, vegetarian or vegan; reducetarian choices, simply reducing the amount of meat and animal derived products, are also a good starting point

Choose plant based alternatives to meat, burgers or protein sources: if you replace one of two (50%) of your animal derivate food with a tasty plant based alternative, we, all together as humanity, can move the Overshoot day by 5 days

Always more top athletes join a vegan lifestyle and are exclusively plant-powered: take inspiration from them and start changing the planet with your everyday choices.  



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