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3 Main Causes of Inflammation and Solutions

Inflammation is nature's means to protect us from external invaders. This well-organized system of defense is meant to function only on a short-term basis. If prolonged, the body enters a chronic inflammatory state causing major dysfunctions of our immune system.

Chronic inflammation is the cause of most physical and mental disorders: joint pain, arthritis, asthma, obesity, depression, Crohn disease, muscles pain…




1. Everyday life stress

Every day life stress is one of the major causes of inflammation. We underestimate the stress load we are daily injecting into our bodies and mind! Under the effect of stress our body releases cortisol. This hormone gives us the "superhero powers" that enables us to run for our lives when facing immediate danger.
This "metabolic magic" is made to be temporary. If prolonged, the benefits turn to poison, thus pushing our adrenal glands to exhaustion and setting our system into a chronic inflammatory state.

2. Poor Nutrition

Poor Nutrition is another major factor of metabolic stress. Pro inflammatory, acid forming, low nutrient dense foods under nourish our metabolisms, creating cellular stress, inflammation and disease on the long term.

3. Intensive Sport

Intensive Sport is a major cause of chronic inflammation. Physical stress creates a bacterial imbalance within our gut flora as well as intestinal permeability. It is essential to take care of your microbiome and keep away from "chronic inflammatory terrain".

How to prevent inflammation? 

  • Eating a nutrient dense diet full of alkaline forming foods and omega 3 fatty acids. Plenty of green leafy vegetables, walnuts, a mix of rapeseed and colza oil every day!! Make use of plenty of spices and herbs. 
  • Eat a probiotic rich diet: pollen, kombucha or kefir beverages that are great to drink every day! It is also essential to regularly supplement with probiotics. 




1. Drinking Water Only

Drinking water only while training is a major cause of inflammation. Make it a habit to fuel with a sports drink containing electrolytes, carbohydrates and sodium during all your training sessions. The intake of carbohydrates during training has an anti-inflammatory effect; it also helps keeping your intestinal lining healthy.

2. The Rush

Hastily packing your shoes and driving home in a rush after a training session is the beginning of your inflammatory process. It is important to reload as soon as your training or race is over. Replenishing your muscle glycogen levels are a mean to prevent inflammation. Fuel within 30 minutes, with a carb and protein rich recovery drink (Crownhealth Restore Powder for example), or eat a nut and fruity snack and a glass of almond milk.

3. AINS Treatments and Painkillers

Recurring to AINS treatments and painkillers (paracetamol, aspirin...), and other medicine molecules are short-term relief that aggravate the inflammatory syndrome and body terrain. Inflammation comes from your terrain, you must therefore find the reason for misbalance and give your body the right nutrients that will help it restore its healthy homeostasis.


1. Ant-inflammatory foods

Make sure your diet is full of anti-inflammatory foods. Keep away from processed, deep fried recipes, caffeine, alcohol etc. Also make sure you eat the right ingredients at the right moment!

2. Focus on yourself

Manage your stress load, time, emotions and training program. Remember that too much training in improper conditions will do more harm than a little less training. Take a little time each day to focus on your breathing, on relaxing and doing simple things you enjoy.

3. Plants and Spices

The regular use of plants and spices helps regulate the effect of cortisol on your endocrine glands: rhodiola, ginseng, eleuterococcus, essential oils...herbs and spices such as curcumin, ginger, rosemary, camomile.

Inflammation is heat and fire inside.

Keep the right balance between nutrition, activity and stress to keep that fire at bay!


Author: Marie-Noëlle Bourgeois, Micronutritionist

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