Made in Switzerland: The Good Choice

Swiss Made Products: Wise Decision?

Yes, it is! Manufacturing our all-natural solutions in Switzerland is a well-thought decision.

Did you know that Crownhealth is a brand of Naturalea?

Naturalea is a private Swiss company, incorporated in Lugano almost 6 years ago.

Private is not at all bad word: it only means that we are two partners/shareholders: all the capitals come from our pockets, or as the Americans would say, we have put our money where our mouth is (no pun intended, as we are a food company!). We believe in what we do, we believe in our plant-powered sports nutrition adventure, and we risk our money following our beliefs.

Why Swiss Made?

For us, establishing a manufacturing plant in Switzerland was the most logical choice to take. Our products are the results of our research and our knowledge. We want to be the one making them, controlling every detail of the raw materials we use, checking every aspect of the manufacturing process, leave nothing to others, as good as they might be.

We are a Swiss company, so why should we put our manufacturing plant outside of Switzerland?

For economic reasons? To reduce our manufacturing costs leveraging on the difference between how workers are paid?

Frankly speaking, it is not our way of doing things, and neither we believe is where the world is going. While we all want to have a reasonable profit from our work, profit alone is not what moves our decisions. We believe the stakeholders' rights have to be considered, together with the shareholders' rights. Our plant has to be where we are based.

For a logistical reason?

We principally serve Switzerland and the EU markets: we do not need de-localized plants to be nearer to our customers. In Switzerland, we are already in the center of our markets.

Young woman holding Crownhealth protein bar next to a camping tent in the mountains

Swiss Made Benefits

And then Switzerland offers several advantages that are all in line with our philosophy and our work ethics.  A strong commitment to food quality and safety, second to none. All reflected in clear laws we respectfully and happily follow to assure our customers they would receive the best possible products.

The most rigorous approach to organic certifications. We manufacture vegan, organic premium sport nutrition products. We are organic certified by Bio-Inspecta AG: 100% organic, no discussion, no exceptions, all transparently shown on the web for all to check. 

A growing awareness of the need for plant-based, vegan alternatives.

Our plant in Cadempino, on the outskirts of Lugano, is brand new, with the most modern production and control technologies. ISO 9001 certified, Organic certified, Vegan certified Kosher certified, we are in progress of being BRC certified by the summer.

All under one roof, all controlled internally by us: this for us is the correct choice to provide to our customers what we promise them. The best, plant-powered, sports nutrition they can find.


Author: Bruno Boggiani, Crownhealth co-founder

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