Living a Multi-Faceted Life: Sandra Lahnsteiner, Crownhealth Ambassador

New Crownhealth ambassador Sandra Lahnsteiner from Austria is a professional freeski athlete who’s on top of the game for years: her skiing performance in various ski films has earned her international recognition and got rewarded with consecutive nominations for “Best Female Performance” between 2013 and 2020. 

Led by an entrepreneurial mindset, driven by her passion for skiing and the outdoors, and with a constant desire to create new paths, Sandra is one of the leading female athletes of the industry. With SHADES of Winter, she’s founded her own brand and platform to highlight empowering female role models through her various initiatives such as action sports films, camps, FilmFest events, and the new Mountain Women’s Talk Series. 

Sandra definitely knows what she wants in life and what she needs to fuel her body and mind with – therefore Crownhealth and the ambitious woman – who happens to also be a sport scientist, mental coach, and certified ski racing coach and ski instructor are a perfect match. 

Through a series of 4 blogs on the Crownhealth blog, Sandra will provide insights into her multi-faceted life and how our products help her to stay sane. 

Sandra Lahnsteiner on a bike in the mountains

(Addicted to) be active in the outdoors

Sport plays a huge role in my life and always has. As a former gymnast and alpine ski racer in my teens and with now more than a decade into professional freeskiing, regular training sessions, fitness, and health for body and mind are of huge importance for me. 

Sport with all its challenges, its up, and downs, through failure and success, has shaped me to the person I am today and I’m sure I benefit from those learnings for my various business models just alike. I’m a skier first but I just really love to be active in the outdoors in any kind of way. 

Balance in motion. Be present

Though you can find me happily smiling while running, ski touring, climbing, hiking, sailing, and more – it’s freeride skiing, riding single trails on my mountain bike, and windsurfing in the waves what truly fuels my “stoke-happiness-satisfaction-level”. 

What unites those three so different disciplines from my point of view is the approach they “demand”. All of these sports require a high level of “balance in motion”. I constantly have to adapt to new and ever-changing surroundings, I have to be present, in the moment, purely focused on my actual movements while being “open” for those constant changes, ready to adapt to another drop or pillow or changing snow conditions in my line and monitoring the alpine dangers while skiing, maneuvering my bike over roots and rocks and tight turns on the single trails and reading the waves while handling board and sail according to the wind. 

Those constant challenges are a great motivation – I believe I’ve taken away a lot from my first role model Pipi Longstocking: “I’ve never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that!” 

Fast-paced life, high-quality demand

I’d describe myself as a performer. I like to make things happen at a high level. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I constantly strive for higher, faster, more extreme – but it does mean that “I wanna do really good for others AND for myself”. 

Inspired by my very own curiosity about whether and how I can tackle this next challenge, I love to make my ideas become reality and I dare to create new ways if necessary. That applies to anything I do in life, whether it’s new event formats, a new film, coaching, my own training, learning something new, and of course includes my nutrition. With me living quite a fast-paced life, constantly switching between my different hats as an athlete, ambassador, business owner, filmmaker, consultant, and speaker combined with a high-quality demand in everything I do – I really care how I fuel my body. 

Nutrition is of great importance for me, whether it’s cooking at home or having the right snacks in the mountains or during a busy day packed with meetings and calls. The Crownhealth bars just perfectly fit my demand to fill my body and mind with clean instant energy and are a perfect match to live a performing but balanced life.

Sandra Lahnsteiner with a Crownhealth protein bar

Author: Sandra Lahnsteiner, professional freeski athlete, filmmaker, Crownhealth Ambassador

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