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Let us narrate how Crownhealth program was born

It was about a year and a half ago, but it looks like yesterday. Time passes fast to frighten. sometimes.

The idea of developing new products for the endurance training was born in 2016 and completely blossomed in 2017 as a flower that takes its time, but then , becomes so immensely spectacular.

1Force, at that time simply "Force", was already highly appreciated by anyone who used it because of its naturalness and the science on which it is based. After years of studies and research on Actido, the botanical extract contained in 1Force, we decided to conduct a clinical trial (with pharmaceutical standards, because we love challenges, the hard ones). 

What about the results?

Not only did the clinical test confirm the already well known and appreciated properties (we report down below some of the feedback received *), but it has highlighted how regular product intake contributes to:

“- strength and overall exercise performance 

- cellular recovery 

- muscular endurance” 

In a nutshell: better performance, faster post-work recovery and greater strength and muscular stamina..

A truly unique and innovative product, as a result of our research. The proof that science and nature can be a winning combination. And we, we only believe in products that are firmly supported by scientific evidence.

A real goal for us, one of those goals that make you realize that you can not, you do not have to stop. Moreover, already, our motto was: STAY ACTIVE!

Thanks to the support and the loud requests of our dear fans, we have felt the unstoppable impetus to develop new products based on Crownhealth philosophy: only exclusive, unique, innovative, tasty, vegan, gluten-free, no additives , no preservatives, no colorants, no soy products. Premium. Really Premium.

All combined with the need to divulge as much information as possible useful to the athlete, helping him in his challenge every day.

Information, advice on nutrition, integration and training. Motivation

From here it began to evolve what then became the original nutritional program for the endurance training, which, enclosed in one word is simply: Crownhealth.

*“Great natural anti-inflammatory”,"Improvement of performance," "Less post-workout pain”, "Good anti-inflammatory”, "Faster recovery after the greatest efforts”, “Lighter legs”, "Natural, no side effects”, "Excellent product, quick delivery. High-grade anti-inflammatory properties”, " Great anti-inflammatory product, has reduced my articular and back pain a lot.". 

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