Last week potatoes!

A somehow visionary post, today, liberally taken from the words of one of the greatest scientist who ever walked the roads of this planet of ours 


We all are familiar with the line “we are what we eat”.

And we, at Crownhealth, are really believing this to the extreme, and this is why our products would never contain anything artificial, and are completely free of preservatives, additives, colors&flavours.

But why do we say so? Is this something that has any real scientific background?

Let us take some liberties from one of the most famous quotes of Prof. Feynman, a Nobel laureate:

Last week potatoes!

<<a scientific research might seems to be dull, or unsung by the singer: you need to hear a lecture not a song. And a lecture might state “ the radioactive phosphorus of the cerebrum decreases to one half in a period of two weeks”. Now this seems dull. But let us translate it. What does this mean? That the atoms, and so the molecules and so the brain itself, yours, mine, is being replaced, every two weeks!>>

And this is definitely more interesting than the dull title of the scientific work. We are what we eat; every two weeks half of our body is changed. So, you better be careful and choose what you ingest cause it becomes what you are.

But it does not end here, the better, for me at least, comes at the end (yes, I also like dessert more than anything else…):

“So, if everything in our brain changes with this speed, and all the atoms are replaced in a matter of a few weeks, what are these atoms of consciousness? Well last week’s potatoes!”

And to end this post with some poetry:

“The atoms come into my brain, make my brain, dance a dance then go out, and there are always new atoms, always doing the same dance, remembering what the dance was yesterday”

Let us end it here, there are no better words. We are, body and mind, muscles and thoughts, what we eat.

Be choosy when you select your food. Nature to nature. 


Crownhealth, only plant powered, only natural top quality ingredients.

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