How to Achieve Perfect Total Recovery


It is not the amount of protein that is the determining factor in post workout recovery, the researchers at Anglia University in Cambridge made clear.


What factors to consider in post workout protein intake?

In a recent report, published in the Journal of Sports Nutrition, the researchers illustrate the results of a study aimed at answering this important question. 


The study shows that it is important to take a moderate dose of protein but that the intake of larger amounts does NOT lead to significant performance improvements.

A high protein diet did not improve the markers of muscle damage of soreness in comparison to a moderate protein diet. 


A moderate protein diet is based on an intake of 1.8 grams of protein per day per kg body weight while a high protein diet considers an intake of 2.9 gram per day per kg body weight.


The participants had an average age of 31 years and an average body weight of 78.45 kg


The tests involved squats, bench presses and bents, and the study considered muscle soreness measured at two different timing (onset and unconfortable level).

The moderate protein intake diet scored better results than the high protein diet, with delayed onset and delayed time to reach the “uncomfortable” level.


So much so that the authors hint to the possibility that a low proteni intake diet (<1.8 gram per day per kg body weight) might, in effect, show increased benefits in relation to the medium protein diet.


It is indeed proven that eating too much proteins might be detrimental to your recovery.


Therefore, it is better to choose protein of great quality, various and with all the necessary amino-acids, and consume them in the correct quantity.


When choosing a recovery drink mix, also don’t forget to choose a product packed with all the BCAA (leucine, isoleucine e valine) and in the proper quantity, as they are fundamental for the muscle cellular metabolism.

Vegetal and organic protein like hemp, rice, mushroom or peas protein can be the best choice since they are naturally loaded with BCAA and in the right dose. The recovery is even better if protein are combined with powerful antioxidant extracts. 


Our NutriCoach can help by providing personalized advice and help to find the best recovery product for you and perfect dose. 





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Bigliography “Effect of high versus moderate protein intake on recovery after strenght training”, J. Int. Soc. Sports Nutra., 2017, Roberts et al.

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