How the “four steps” of the Crownhealth program were born: today we tell you the full story

Let us start from the title: Crownhealth, four steps to stay active.

Our motto has always been “stay active”: as the program and its four key steps have been developed it has naturally evolved into “four steps to stay active”.

But what lays behind these few words?

Our program is the child of a dream, our dream: materialize our ideas bringing to life unique, innovative and powerful solutions.

We are dreamers and we believe willfullness rewards you with the joy of exceeding your limits.

But many people, everyday, like us, struggle and work to exceed their own limits. And you are one of them, our dear endurance, extreme sportswomen (and sportsmen)!

We believe we know your ambitions, your needs, your feelings and your fears. Let us strat from the three basic blocs, on which your performance is built: nutriton training (and recovery!) and supplementation. These are part of your daily routine and they do require a seious investment of passion and time, from your side.

Your goal is to move the bar of your targets always one feet higher, one feet longer. You want to exceed your limit and this passion is where you find your total wellness, of your body and your mind. However, the more the training become hard and strenous, the more you are exposed to inflammation that might evolve into painful stress of muscles, tendons or joints. Gastric discomfort is also, sometimes, an issue the as you push yourself towards your limits.

You all have experienced discomfort and pain and you all know that this might become so severe to disrupt your training program or impact your performance during your most coveted and sought event. Pain and discomfort are your invisible as well as dreadful enemies that you do not want to cross during your training year.

But now let us go back to the Crownhealth Program.

All the endurance athletes have to program their daily life down to the minimum details as for them time is of the essence.

And between work, family travelling and training it is always difficult to find that extra time to study the most balanced and appropriate diet, studied for their specific sport and for their activity level (you run for miles and miles, train for hours, perform really intense work-outs and so you really burn a lot of calories).

And let us not speak about how difficult it is to find and fine tune the correct supplementation: the market offers hundreds of them and some of them are not so easy to identify or understand (what about those fine printings on the labels? and those strange and clearly synthethic additives?). Which one is the one you will really benefit from and that really fits your needs?

A complete and balanced nutrition, our of real foods, will give you all the micro- and macro- nutrients essential to your life. Combine it to a careful and studied training program and you stand ready on these two solid pillars to improve your performance and your well being.

From our long scientific and clinical research the Crownhealth program is born. To make your life easier. To complete your daily nutrition and training plan in a totally natural way.

We take care of you from morning to evening, with our four eays steps. Four steps to win everyday challenges and exceed your limits.

A complete program, studied exclusively for endurance athletes, focused on the key and most critical sides of these sports: inflammation, gastric disbiosis, energy and recovery.

Only what you really need, at the time you need it, to:

  • improve your performance
  • quicken the pace of your recovery
  • reach your perfect wellbeing
  • defeat the negative side effects intense trainning session might have on your body.
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