Plant-Based Diet: 5 Remarkable Health Benefits

Being vegan is a lifestyle, not just a way of eating. This philosophy derives from respect for the animals and the environment in which we live. In addition to that, a vegan diet can have significant health benefits and can prevent numerous chronic degenerative diseases, if well balanced.

Even if the health benefits are many, in this article we would like to focus on five main advantages of being vegan.

  1. More Fiber 
  2. More Antioxidants 
  3. Decreased Tumors Risk
  4. Less Saturated Fat
  5. Less Environmental Pollutants 

healthy vegan lunch with many natural organic ingredients

More Fiber

People following a plant-based diet introduce much more fiber than those who have omnivorous nutrition. This condition is due to the fact that fiber is contained only in vegetable foods.
The benefits of fiber are many and mainly derive from its beneficial action on the digestive system and intestinal bacterial flora. Fiber also gives a sense of satiety and regulates the absorption of nutrients, slowing down the intake of sugars and fats. This is the reason why people, having a diet low in fiber, often suffer from dysbiosis and have a higher risk of being overweight.

More Antioxidants

Plant-based foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and other different substances with antioxidant action. Among them, polyphenols, which are the plants' real immune system, exert a beneficial and protective effect against oxidative stress, even in our cells.

Decreased tumors risk

Excessive consumption of meat, and in particular of processed ones, exposes to a higher risk of tumors, above all affecting the colon and the stomach.

Less Saturated Fat

Animal derived "foods" are too commonly known as "source of noble proteins"; the reality is that, they are loaded with large amount of saturated fat, which is highly harmful to our health , especially when overeaten. On the contrary, a good, balanced vegan diet will never lead to a protein deficiency. Combining cereals and legumes guarantees an optimal supply of essential amino acids, without saturated fats. Moreover, a diet with vegetable oils and dried fruit will fill up your body with mono and polyunsaturated fats, which protect against cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Less Environmental Pollutants and Drugs

Unfortunately, many farms use a considerable number of drugs and hormones while feeding animals (aka livestocks). Consequently, these substances stay for a long time in their meat too. Meat, especially fatty tissue, retains a large part of pollutants, such as heavy metals, present in the sea. Hence, although fish may appear as a potentially healthier and less cruel meat, it could be polluted and very harmful to our health because of the heavy metals.

blue plate with text vegan next to a plant


And tell us... Would you like to try a plant-based diet for one or more days for your health, sustainability and a cruelty free lifestyle? Remember, January is veganuary!

Let us know your opinion!


Author: Nutritionist Francesca Deriu 


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