Protecting Your Gut: Always a Priority, Now More Than Ever

Protect you gut, stay away from infections 

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All infections, including respiratory ones, are strongly related to the imbalance of the gut bacterial flora (microbiota) which normally actively participates in the protection from infections, producing antibacterial-antiviral molecules, and contributes to modulation of the immune response. This is why an antibiotic treatment, which impairs the gut bacterial flora, altering its balance, might, eventually, exposes to further infections, if not properly administered.

The functionality of the immune system and its ability to respond to infections depends on the microbiota ’s health: this is strongly influenced by both diet and lifestyle. The eventual imbalance of the microbiota might provoke silent inflammation states, which, although asymptomatic, could lead to  several unwanted and unpleasant effects, up to a general weakening of the immune system.

Now more than ever, you might improve your general health following strictly WHO guidelines: adhere strictly to a healthy diet, stay active, don't smoke and limit your alcohol consumption.

Healthy Gut 

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To keep your GUT healthy, eat every day fermented foods, such as yogurt, miso, kraut or tofu. All these foods contain 'good' bacteria, which can nourish our gut microbial flora and keep it in the proper balance. They are 'living' foods, which unlike heavily processed, long shelf life foods, should become part of our daily diet.

It is useful to remember that many foods have an anti-inflammatory function, while others might provoke the opposite. Choose whole grains, fruits, vegetables, spices, dried fruits and oily seeds: limit refined and preserved foods.
An extra help could come from the daily intake of a supplement based on  probiotics, to protect the gut and  re-balance the immune system.

The last advice we want to give you is to be always positive and to fight stress: stress is an additional cause of inflammation and imbalance of the microbiota.

 Take care of yourself, always.


Author: Nutritionist Francesca Deriu 


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