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Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Plastic: a Growing Issue for the Years to Come

Plastic is foreseen as the largest driver of the future increase in the emission of greenhouse gas. The increase in emissions from the petrochemical industry threatens to reduce or eliminate the improvements achieved in all other sectors.


The International Energy Agency has issued a report that identifies petrochemicals (mainly plastics) as the largest driver of both oil demand growth and greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas are linked to the climate change we are all witnessing and we all have to commit our choices to help fight climate changes. 

After electricity generation Food production and  Manufacturing (plastic mainly) are at, respectively, 24% and 21 % the biggest responsible for greenhouse gas emission. We have previously dealt with the issue of the food chain: the issue is linked to livestock. A picture is worth a thousand words: 

If cattle were a country they would rank third in greenhouse gas emissions graphic


Reducing the amount of animal products is the only choice and also for this reason all Crownhealth products are strictly and exclusively plant powered.  

But we want to move one step further. Plastic has become completely intertwined with our modern life and more and more concerns are evident, worldwide, on the number of issues that come with this increase in plastic usageOcean pollution, by large masses of floating plastic, is a well known problem that is start moving governments towards bans at least for straws, plastic bags, bottled water. 

But this recent report of  the IEA highlight the need for a widespread actiontowards plastic reduction. 

And we, at Crownhealth, are always working to improve our sustainability and reduce our ecological footprint.  After a long study and a huge (for us, at least) investment, we are proud to announce that the new package of the best selling 3Restore Powder will soon be made exclusively from compostable, biodegradable plastic

The new package would be available on our online store from January 2019 and will come with the full certifications of the highest degree. Our aim is to convert all our plastic use into compostable, biodegradable materials before the end of 2020. 

Choose our products for their quality, the absence of any additive or artificial ingredient. But choose us also because we invest continuously in reducing our ecological impact. 

We can, all together, make the difference!


Plastic and open landfill









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