Getting to the finish line is just a part of it all

We are used to seeing athletes , and amateurs, at the end of the race, proud and enthusiastic about the work done. People cheering in the last meters, applauds on the finish line, and then the smiles and tears of joy shared with their teammates, friends, and family. 

Devoting body and soul to sport is a source of great emotions.


However, there is another side of the coin.

The truth is that the road to get to the finish line and live those unforgettable moments is not always easy.

The weekly training program, for a Spartan Racer like me, is really dense and planned in all details as it includes not only running, but also strength and mobility trainings.

The overtraining enemy is always around the corner; usually just planning the workouts carefully can help to avoid it, but sometimes it is not enough.

In winter, for example, it is very cold but you still have to train outside, for example doing trail-running in the mountains; joints, especially legs, must get used to the frozen ground, as several races are on the snow. Furthermore, the season changes weaken the immune system and even the strongest sportsmen  can suddenly feel weak and ill. At the end, we are human, not robots.

During all this year I was able to face all these "obstacles" thanks to two effective allies: FORCE and SHIELD. For convenience, I take them both in the evening, in critical periods when I feel I need some extra help.

FORCE, really helps me to recover from fatigue after long trail runs and repeated strength and functional trainings. 

However, I get the biggest benefit from SHIELD. Especially in transition from winter to spring, it is easy to get cold during outdoor training because when you stop the body cools down very fast and you can immediately feel throat irritation and sneezing.

SHIELD turned out to be a real nature wonder for me, protecting me from these conditions. Several times it happened that my throat was inflamed; I neglected the problem, letting some days passing, without improving. Then finally I decided an started to take a capsule of this product every evening and after a couple of days I immediately felt better, more protected.I adopt this solution everytime I feel excessively exhausted and it always works.

I am very happy to have Crownhealth as sports nutrition supporter of my team, OCR TICINO, so that I can be sure I am using effective, top quality products that respect health, animals and the environment. And you know what? They are produced right here, close to the beloved places where me and my team use to train, in Switzerland!


Author: Ebrisa, OCR Ticino athlete 

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