Energy and Protein Bars: How To Choose The Best Solutions

The Truth Behind Sports Bars 

Whether you do endurance sports or outdoor activities, it is fundamental to fuel your adventures choosing premium vegan sports nutrition products with natural organic ingredients and no artificial stuff.

Staying active and nourishing your body with natural high nutritious food are the first steps to boost your wellbeing.

Achieve an active and healthier lifestyle can be easier than you think, and nutrition plays a vital role. Indeed we all should start from movement and balanced and healthy diet, and exactly like we do with our food choices, when it comes to food supplements or sports nutrition like energy and protein bars, we should pay close attention to their ingredients.

It’s true. Clean label, plant-based, sustainable, and free from additives products are the future.

To boost your stamina, your performance and recovery, when running, hiking,  swimming, cycling, climbing, or practicing yoga, crossfit or during any other sports, it is highly recommended to choose all-natural and high-quality products, with no additives that, of course, taste great and are gut-friendly.

young woman, with a heavy blue jacket, eating her finger while camping in the snow.

The Dark Side of Sports Nutrition 

Many sports nutrition products like energy bars or protein bars are difficult to digest and have an artificial taste and lingering aftertaste. Guess what? This issue is due to additives, preservatives, and sweeteners contained not only in these bars but, unfortunately, also in many other sports nutrition products like energy gels, proteins mixes, aminos, and supplements. Exactly. Some energy and protein sports products are loaded with these kinds of stuff.

It’s crazy to realize how long the ingredients list can be, and you will be surprised how many weird ingredients can be found in an energy or protein bar. It is also unbelievable that we exercise, practice sports, and do outdoor activities to stay healthier, be more active, boost our physical and mental wellbeing. Still, at the same time, we nourish our body with the wrong nutritious, or we use sports products that aren’t in line with our health and fitness goals.

As Francesca Deriu, our expert nutri-coach, affirms: 

"Don’t just look at the nutritional tab; always check the ingredient list and choose high-quality, healthy products!"

Many sports and outdoor enthusiasts are struggling to find the perfect healthy energy and protein snacks with no compromises on health to achieve their fitness goals, improving their performance and recovery.

The Best Practice to Choose Sports Bars 

A yong and sporty boy eats his Crownhealth Energy Bar in the middle of the snowy mountains

There are so many sports nutrition brands and products out there, and choosing the right brand is hard. 

The best practice is to choose products that are really of premium quality so that efficacy and health benefits are guaranteed; meaning that premium energy and protein bars need to:

  • Contain only a few real foods ingredients you can read, pronounce, and recognize (less is more!)
  • Contain NO additives, preservatives, added sugars or sweeteners
  • Be organic (free from pesticides)
  • Be vegan, cruelty-free, and free from dairy and lactose
  • Be sustainable and packed in eco-friendly, no-waste, compostable plastic-free packaging

Remember, premium energy and protein bars do not only fuel your muscles during activities. Contrarily, they also replenish your recovery, reduce fatigue, make you feel satiated, and boost your daily power, both at work and during sports, healthily and sustainably.

Always choose the best for your health, performance and for the planet.


Author: Simona Ino, Crownhealth's Co-Founder 

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