Managing your own E-commerce Site: Challenges and Opportunities

We are a young start-up promoting a new concept in vegan sports nutrition: a range composed of a few products only. Crownhealth is what you really need for your wellbeing: careful use instead of consumption with no limits. Crownhealth is a brand that wants to be different.

The 101 of store managing: no way you can be economically viable if you want to open a street shop and have only 10 products to sell. Better to open your corner in a supermarket where people will come in, attracted by the huge choice, and they will pass by your corner, and eventually they will try your products and buy them.

The same situation seems to apply to the web. People tend to go on Amazon or to other large portals (at least till when Amazon would be the last one standing). While browsing, they will, eventually, look at your products and, magically, click on the icon, put the product in the cart, and voilà, you get your sale. Not to say that the all-powerful, all-knowing Amazon AI algorithms will help us (for a "moderate" fee) to get more "visibility".

Well, we do think differently.

Our E-Commerce Site

A white iphone on a white table with a pencil, a succulent and a paper folder. On the iphone you see the Shopify page.

We have opened our own shop, selling only our few products, on the internet superhighway: a kind of “street shop”, only, hopefully, with some more people passing by. 

What you find in our shop is our world, our thinking, our efforts and our sweat, our passions, and our failures. All for you there to judge and eventually appreciate. We are naked to the world, transparent and open to praises and critics.

But we are there on our terms. Not subject to other people or other unknown algorithms intentions willingness to properly show our products correctly.

You will find our Swiss-made, organic bars, our supplements powered by our proprietary cucumber extract. But we do not sell products, only.

Getting your Trust with Transparency 

A person sitting on a wooden floor is holding an Acer computer with the Crownhealth site open on the internet.

We try to get your trust in a different way. We would like to share with you how to approach sport and wellness, respectfully and sustainably.

Our vegan, organic and sustainable products and packaging are our way of contributing to a better world. We provide free content for all, to use, and eventually enjoy. Free technical information to help you in your journey to become a better athlete.

What we ask in return is that you stop by. You look at our shop window and you see if what we offer is what you are looking for, natural, plant-powered nutrition, for endurance sport, or everyday life.

As simple as this. We are one click away, but we are alone, there, waiting for you to let us know our choice is right.

And yes, in the end, all the products in the cart, ready to pay you will see, we cannot do free shipping.  I am sorry.

We ship "zero-carbon way", i.e. all the impact of the shipping is offset in a carbon-neutral mode, and we pay all our workers and all our partners respectfully. As you would like for yourself. This cannot be free of charge, and we transparently tell you what it does really cost. In the end, our choices are always the means to define the world we live in, the world we would leave to our children.

Will we succeed in establish Crownhealth as a different brand? You have the choice, yours is the power. We can only do our best and keeping working following our principles.

Author: Bruno Boggiani, Crownhealth co-founder

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