Crownhealth Joins 1% for the Planet, Committing 1% of Annual Sales to Environmental Causes

Crownhealth was established with a single vision - to craft high-quality plant-based nutrition products, and fostering a sustainable world in which we can continue to live out our dreams.

This is why we’re using only premium, organic, and ethically produced ingredients free from any artificial additives. 

This is why we use eco-friendly 100% biodegradable packaging for all of our products. 

And this is why we, the Crownhealth brand, joined the “1% for the Planet” community, and now committed to contributing 1% of our annual sales to environmental causes.

From this moment onward, every single purchase made of Crownleath products equals the donation to organizations that are making a difference in creating a healthier planet. 

The “1% for the Planet” community has given more than $270,000,000 back to the environment from the time of its establishment in 2002. And now we - and every single of you, our conscious consumers - will have a chance to join this collective movement to make an impact too. 

We’re proud to be featured as a business member on the directory of “1% to the Planet” contributors, and we encourage everyone to join us in our strive for a better future. 

Look for the 1% member logo not just from us, but on other brands and products to ensure that your choices make a difference. For more information and a full list of members, visit

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