Goodbye Energy Mind Gel, Welcome Greener World


Goodbye to single use plastic.

Performance is important, but our commitment to a greener tomorrow is more.

Energy Mind Gel is our top 3 sold product and we absolutely loved it, since its first developments.

It was designed with extreme care and expertise in order to be the best energy gel in the world for longer distance and endurance athletes.

The best because:

  • Tastes great, with no added sugars, no sweeteners and no additives
  • Gives you the right amount of both slow release and fast absorption carbs
    Easy to open, no time wasting
  • Fits perfectly in your pocket, swimsuit, camelback etc.
  • Perfect texture, not too liquid, not too dense
  • No need to drink water
  • You can put it in your water flask
  • No intestinal issues, great digestibility and gut friendly
  • Plus, reduces fatigue and is packed with salts and minerals to avoid cramps
  • Least but not last supports focus and coordination too

Perfect for any runner, triathlete, or cyclist that needs an instant kick of effective energy that is also clean and good to your body.

 Philip Bach, Crownhealth ambassador, with his bike and an orange t-shirt is eating Energy Mind gel


Who tried Energy Mind gel says:

I highly recommend Energy Mind Gel. It is 100% natural and easy to digest (taste is really good). I've been using it for long distance trails and for climbing. The body assimilates it very well (no stomach pain), great product!”

These Gels are very good. I always use them for long distance races, and I no longer have stomach problems like I had with other gels. Thanks, Crownhealth!”


This gel tastes very good, is easy to eat and you will not get any stomach problem. Your body assimilate the energy very fast so you’re ready to go! Long lasting”

 Laurent Valette, Crownhealth ambassador, is in a lake with a black swimsuit and a green swimming cup is opening Energy Mind gel

So, dear Energy Mind Gel fans,

thank you for loving our product so much. We hope we’ve been a great support for your performance and adventures.

We’ve been working hard to find a good solution that works and we really to say goodbye to this product, but we have to, for a good (or more) reason.

As you certainly know, Crownhealth is committed to sustainability and to provide only the essential products you really need, in a 100% eco-friendly pack.

This means we banned plastic packaging and we are shifting to a completely compostable one.

But today, a compostable packaging is not able to keep the gel stability yet.

Making a big decision like this one is challenging. But our care for the planet is the main reason that guides us, and we know this is the right decision.

But do not worry at all! We are working hard on a new –fully sustainable and plastic free - development, of course!

Stay tuned!


Author: Simona Ino, Crownhealth co-founder

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