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Complete and Total Recovery: The Ultimate Guide

How to boost recovery after a training session?

We are used to thinking that protein's quantity is determinant in the recovery process. However, a research conducted by Anglia University in Cambridge highlights that the amount of protein is not the key factor to be considered

So, if quantity isn't the difference, what makes our recovery optimal?

Concerning protein intake, a recent report, published in the Journal of Sports Nutrition, attempted to answer this important question.

The study shows that people taking big amounts of protein in one single shot do not have significant performance improvements. Indeed, a high-protein diet does not heal the muscle damage markers. By contrast, a moderate-protein diet is beneficial for recovery and was proven to be effective to recover the muscle mass. 

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But what protein diet can be considered as moderate?

A moderate-protein diet means 1,8 g of protein daily, per kg body weight. While individuals adopting a high-protein diet have a minimum of 2,9 g per day/per kg body weight.

How did the study understand the importance of a moderate-protein diet?

The Study

The research sample included participants with an average age of 31 years old, and everyone had an average body weight of 78.45 kg. A group of the sample was assigned to a high-protein diet, while another group needed to eat a moderate-protein diet.

To analyze the sports performance, during the test, people need to do squats, bench presses, and bents. As for muscle soreness, the study considered this measure at two different timing: onset and uncomfortable level.  

The results? The moderate-protein intake diet scored better outcomes than the high-protein diet, with delayed onset and delayed time to reach the “uncomfortable” level.

The result is surprising! So much so that the authors hint to the possibility that a low protein intake diet (< 1,8 g per day per kg body weight) might, indeed, show increased benefits as compared to the medium-protein intake.

Research Main Take-Aways 

A girl pours Crownhealth's Restore Powder in the mountain shaker

The study clearly underlined that eating too many proteins is proven to be detrimental to your recovery. Protein's quality is what really matters.

Organic, vegan premium-quality proteins are the best solution you can opt for when you want to enhance your recovery. Moreover, it is fundamental to have different and various proteins to guarantee our body with all the necessary amino acids. Also, we must take them in the correct and balanced quantity according to our weight and intensity of exercise.

When choosing a recovery mix, it is thus essential to consider a solution packed with all the BCAA (leucine, isoleucine e valine - in the right amount), as they support the muscle cellular metabolism.

How to choose the best recovery powder?

Go for powder powered by a good mix of organic protein like hemp, rice, mushroom, or peas protein. Recovery powder loaded with those proteins are the perfect choice since they naturally have BCAAs in the right dose. And for a better recovery, read the ingredients' list and choose the mix containing powerful anti-oxidant extracts.

Last but not the least, remember that personalization is fundamental when talking about nutrition. Always ask for Nutri pieces of advice to an expert nutritionist.

Your recovery will be quick and excellent!


Author: Francesca Deriu, Nutri Coach

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