We met this lady for the first time in our offices in Lugano, on a beautiful sunny day. "After a few months of virtual-only contact, we have the pleasure of meeting you in person!”. We open the door and here is a serious and joyful expression altogether. The expression of a tough person who had to fight battles, but who made it.

Sabrina, a very pretty petite woman of an incredible determination, tells us right away that fatigue is her friend, that we need to both meet and face her. That is not a question of competition with others, but with ourselves, with our limits.

A few years ago, on a summer day, at the lake with friends, her husband said something that will always remain impressed: "I'm really happy, I couldn't be more, I have everything I wanted in my life". A few hours later, a tragic accident happened that from then on would change their lives completely. Davide, Sabrina's husband, remains quadriplegic. After the accident and months of hospital, a dark period, devoid of stimulation and desire to live, that only sport and the strength of the two will manage to solve.

Sabrina's story is so poetic that we have it, fixed in our mind and we sometimes feel like we have lived it. It is the moment in which, in 2012, she discovers triathlon. Nice, at dawn, overcast skies, lots of movement and an audience of people watching strange athletes with a wetsuit on the beach. You hear a siren, the group of athletes runs and dives into the sea. She was an Ironwoman.  That scene triggers a switch that has been locked for too long and Sabrina suddenly feels a sense of energy. Thus was born her love for triathlon that will become  her lifestyle and the healthiest and most effective way to release negative feelings, anger. "The endurance sport tires me a lot, but at the same time it makes me emotionally charged. You can do anything when you are aware of your potential. The limits, which for the most part are only mental, can be overcame and what you think is impossible can be won over. Because sport is the best therapy to gain physical and mental strength. "

"What helps me the most to get to the finish line or at the end of a 6/7 hour workout? My husband who, from the wheelchair, yells at me "let those legs go!" - and everyone takes us for fools - and the thought of what I will eat after the race. Mama's pizza, ice cream or “parmigiana” are those foods that make me so happy to make me go on and on, especially during a  race. " 

Sabrina and us start joking and asking ourselves if the food is so important for us only or for everyone. And immediately we realize that many people prefer beer as a recovery drink by far ☺.

 Between jokes and laughter Sabrina tells us a very important thing that she repeats to many of her triathlon and non triathlon friends: "Warning! The more you train, the more stressed your body is. You can't think that - since you train a lot and you burn as much - you can eat whatever you want, indeed! You have to pay even more attention and follow a very specific and balanced diet plan for your training load."

She is absolutely right and her thinking fully reflects in our philosophy. And tell us: do you follow a balanced food plan? Are you satisfied with your sports supplements? What do you think about when you exercise?

It will be good to arrive prepared at the “Race Across Limits 2019”,  Sabrina’s Charity New edition that started today, because you really will have to ride hard!

Join her in one of the tracks, during her 1037 km long ride through Italy! 

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