4 NEW Organic Healthy Snack Bars Announcement [Pre-Order Launched!]

Have you seen the forecast already? This Spring is promised to be warm, sunny, fruity, and... absolutely nuts

Yes, you heard it right! The news ain’t lying we, the Crownhealth team, are proud to announce the upcoming launch of 4 brand new everyday snack bars, our most delicious creations ever. 

Meet an exciting addition to our healthy eating product line, that includes:

Salted Peanuts a perfectly balanced classic peanut snack made of 3 essential ingredients only for those who value simplicity and quality;

Salted Almonds a dangerously delicious 3-ingredient almond bar for true taste connoisseurs who want it sweet and salty, at one time;

Exotic Coconut an addictively tasty island-inspired healthy snack with incomparably exotic sensation and an extra dose of plant-powered protein;

Fluffy Carrot Cake a mind-blowing nutritious bar with an iconic taste of everyone’s favorite dessert packed with cinnamon, protein, fiber, and sheer pleasure. 

All four snack bars have an improved fluffy texture and are designed to stay in the fridge or in cold temperatures (5-7 °C) as well. Enjoy them chill for a new fresh sensation!

o o o

Learn what Simona, Crownhealth Co-Founder, says about these exciting snack bars launch: 

Today healthy snacking is an important part of our lives and it’s growing more and more. Even though the pandemic, we are living more on-the-go and snacking more frequently.

While many snacks and bars still have unpronounceable ingredients in them, at Crownhealth we always do our best to provide healthier options. This is why we create healthy snacks that taste great while fulfilling nutritional requirements, and today we are launching new delicious flavors.

Convenient, on-the-go, portion and calories controlled, flavorful.

Want more?

Plant forward, with higher protein and higher fiber. Simply the best for your health.

o o o

Meticulously developed, these 4 new plant-powered bars are perfect for everyday healthy snacking on the go. Treat yourself the healthy way and keep hunger under control with benefits to your wellbeing! They can be enjoyed any time and by anyone.

Just 100% natural and bio-organic pleasure packed with the best ingredients. Free from added sugars and gluten.One important warning though every bar has a high probability of causing your taste buds to explode!

Spread the news and do a pre-order to be the first one to get them! The first LIMITED BATCH of new Crownhealth snack bars will start shipping from the 3rd week of March.
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