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Can Athletes be Vegan?

Athlete can be vegan and science shows there are no differences in performance when consuming a vegan diet versus an ...

Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Add to Your Diet

Chronic inflammation is persistent and may cause great damage. Prevent this phenomenon with five healthy foods to be ...

The Secrets to Train your Gut and Avoid Gastrointestinal Issues.

Gut health is vital for successful sports performances. Plan ahead your integration strategy and adopt healthy behavi...

Post-Injury Recovery: the Correct Nutritional Strategy

During post-injury recovery, we should adopt a food strategy aimed at stimulating muscle proteins synthesis and modul...

Vegan Halloween Muffins

Find out the recipe of our vegan Halloween muffins and bake them with your family and friends.

Plant-Based Diet: a Favourable Choice for Athletes?

A plant-based diet can be beneficial, giving us a greater resistance to infections and a general state of health and ...

6 Foods to Keep Injuries Away

Some key nutrients can help you while training, preventing body stress and injuries. Let’s discover the 6 healthy foo...

When Nutrition plays an Essential Role for Training

The right nutritional strategy is crucial for successful training and racing performances.

3 Causes of Inflammation. How to Prevent it?

Inflammation naturally protects us from external invaders, but in the long-term, it translates into a chronic inflamm...

Run Hot or Run Cold? What Science can Reveal

Sports science revealed that the cooler winter conditions are more preferable to better performances, producing impro...

Green Smoothie Bowl

A green smoothie bowl brights your day, providing you with a practical and fast absorption of phytonutrients containe...

6 Nutritional Tips to Nourish your Brain and Support your Performance

Your brain is responsible for determination, focus, organizational skills, fatigue management, commitment and great l...
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