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Programma Crownhealth

4 steps to overcome your limits

  • Increased performance
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved well-being
  • Protect you against stress from intense training

We know the needs of an endurance sportsman like you. Balanced and healthy eating is essential to physical well-being, a condition that allows you to give your best, pushing you beyond your limits.

From scientific research Crownhealth™ is born, the original, fully natural, vegan, clinically tested, nutritional program for athletes who train intensely.

Just what you need, exactly when you need it.

The four steps of the Crownhealth™ program ensure proper assumption of bio-actives and superfoods at different times of the day and in the different training phases.

From nature, the balanced and safe formula, to extend the pleasure of sport.

Programma Crownhealth

Anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber

ACTIDO™ Benefits

Actido™ is the soul within Crownhealth™ program.
A Naturalea exclusive, patented botanical extract, Actido™ is the result of years of intense lab research validated by extensive clinical trials data. Actido™ improve the well being of endurance athlets, reducing the stressful effects on your body of long and demanding workouts and helping you train more, with more pleasure, for longer.


1FORCE™ immediately impressed me. I had some clients suffering from chronic inflammation try it and their feedback was extremely positive. The product is available in my shop and has become a must for triathletes, marathon runners and trail enthusiasts. It is also very popular with elderly people suffering from bone and joint pain who cannot or will not take anti-inflammatory drugs.

Piero – Professional Nutrition, Busto Arsizio

Since I discovered Crownhealth my performance has finally improved and I only see the physiotherapist for massages. No more therapies thanks to cucumber extract!

Massimiliano – Marathon runner, Roma
Antonio Fent - Javelin

I use 1FORCE™ and find it very useful to recover from training sessions, especially when there is a series of long workouts of throws that put a strain on the body. Since I’ve been using it, I have the feeling of being able to recover better and faster.

Antonio Fent - Javelin
Carabinieri Sports Centre – Athletics Section

It delivers its promises: it does not cause gastric issues over time and it is not a food supplement that increases power or energy, but rather a good ally for your muscles and tendons. It allows you to not skip workouts because of the classic inconvenience of overload that often leads to more serious injuries.

Fabiola – Marathon runner, Roma

Sustainability, from the seed to the finished product

  • Extracting unique and effective solutions from nature, while leaving the environment unaltered.
  • Following the whole supply chain with a passionate and dedicated approach, while respecting all the people involved, from our farmers to our customers. This is what makes our products unique items with outstanding quality.
  • Promoting a varied and well-balanced diet. Our products are 100% plant-based and suitable for any kind of diet. In our vision of the world, a diet that respects animals is the right choice for us and for the environment.

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Francesca Deriu, Specialist Biologist in Food Science

Francesca Deriu

Specialist Biologist in Food Science


Igor Nastic, Mental coach and Trainer

Igor Nastic

Athlete and Coach

Ticino Coaching